A “Cycling” Background for Daily Practice

These themes are offered as possible points of focus in your daily practice, or for picking up your spiritual practice after stopping or forgetting your regular routine, for whatever reason.  Just start again, and if you are not sure where to start, look at the lists that cycle with the day of the week as well as through the months of the year.  (Some have links to articles on the theme.)  Consider them as rotating background themes for exploration as you "turn inward" and/or encounter situations where you see the choice to "give way".  They also can remain a background theme to explore as you participate in daily life while maintaining a spiritual focus, in whatever way you are "positively participating" as part of your spiritual path.   For some people varying their focus and returning to it again, helps sustain motivation and attention, allowing you to deepen your understanding over time.  Practice is then repetitive, but varies from day to day.  Other people prefer unvarying repetition, drawing focus from a specific spiritual teaching. Still others, draw focus from what just comes naturally.  You may have "themes" of your own that interest you and as always, the concerns of daily life offer you material for discovering a new dimension of the spiritual.

You can find some thoughts to kick start your contemplation by clicking on the green text.

Daily Focus

Sunday:  The Transcendent

Monday:  Choice

Tuesday:  Good News

Wednesday:  Right Now

Thursday:  Physicality

Friday:  Self and Others

Saturday:  Stop and Go

Monthly Themes

The Positive Thought calendar conforms to these monthly themes.

January:  New Beginnings

February:  Belong

March:  Release the Past

April:  Fresh Awakening

May:  Walk in Beauty

June:  Inner Listening

July:  Easy Does It

August:  Clear Horizons

September:  Positive Action

October:  Breakthrough

November:  Reaping the Harvest

December:  Giving Yourself