February: Belong



There's an old Yiddish saying, "He who can't dance says that the band can't play." Sometimes we, for one reason or another, get out of sync with the flow of life and we start to blame the flow of life for being out of sync with us. Life is like a tuning fork in an orchestra—the tuning fork has perfect pitch, so all the instruments are brought into alignment with the pitch of the tuning fork. We too can attune ourselves, bring ourselves into agreement and alignment, with the basic goodness of this life. The progression of seasons in nature is flawless. The tree never argues about bringing forth new green leaves in Spring. Flowers and birds come into natural harmony with the rhythms of the season. We too can come into harmony with nature and with ourselves. We don't have to make ourselves over. We are already one with the oneness of all that is: our inner most being is in touch in agreement with the nearest sunbeam and the farthest star in the most distant galaxy.



There is an East Indian story about a man who is carrying flowers to his girlfriend. He is so concentrated on his love for her and so absorbed in his concern to bring her these beautiful flowers, that he accidentally stumbles across the body of a meditating yogi. The enraged yogi jumps up and yells at the man, "How can you be so clumsy to disturb the peace of my meditation?" The man replies, "I was so absorbed in the thoughts of my love that I didn't even notice you—how come your meditation is so shallow tnat it can be disturbed so easily?" The point of course is that what we love, we pay attention to. Love is the motivating force that gives us the ability to move ahead in our pursuits in this life with singleness of purpose and unbroken concentration. When we really feel great love for some person, we find that it is easy and simple to do the right thing to bring beauty and joy into that person's life. On this Valentine's Day, let's remember that love is simple and easy and good.

“Don’t Question Life, Live!”

by Dr. Larry Morris

Sometimes we spend so much time questioning our life that we forget to relax and just live it. There is a story about a man who wanted to give a gift to his wife; he kept bombarding her with questions: "Would you like a pearl necklace?" "I already have one,” she replied. "How about a fur coat?" "You know how I feel about fur—no fur coats." "How about a new car?" "You gave me a new car just a few months ago." Finally in frustration the husband asked, "Well what do you want?" "How about a divorce?" she asked. "Gee," the husband replied, "I hadn't thought of spending that much." Perhaps this man would have been better off not to ask so many questions. When we are always trying to figure everything out, we find ourselves going in circles. Relax and stop questioning and start living your life now.