June: Inner Listening

“Fast Track to Bliss”

by Dr. Larry Morris

A bullet train is a very fast means of transportation to where we want to go.  How do we find our own individual fast track to our heat’s desire, where we want to be in life?  Someone once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll probably get there.”

Do we know where we are going?  Even on a bullet train, the driver has to know the destination.  And the passenger certainly wouldn’t want to be on a bullet train going to Tokyo if his destination was Kyoto.  Sometimes in life we have to choose a destination for ourselves, even if we are not absolutely sure that it’s the right choice.  We can’t wait forever for unerring guidance to come to us before we choose to act.  A man once went to a Sufi master and asked how he should unfold spiritually.  The master replied that there were two paths:  The way of Divine Destiny and the way of individual effort.  “Ah,” responded the seeker, “Then I shall choose the way of individual effort.” “For that,” the master replied, “You must consult the way of Divine Destiny.”  Sometimes we just have to choose our way until we come to see that all ways lead to bliss.  Freedom in life comes as we learn to follow inner guidance in choosing the direction that is most appropriate for us at each stage of our unfoldment.  Now is the time to let go and trust God within us is guiding our choices to the Good, the Beautiful and the true. 

“Listening for Our Answer”

by Dr. Larry Morris

A woman once walked up to a little old man sitting in a rocking chair on his front porch. "Pardon me, sir," she said, "but can you tell me your secret for a long and happy life?" "Yes, I can," the man replied, "I smoke three packs of cigarettes a day, drink a case of whiskey a week, eat fatty foods and never exercise." "My word," the woman said, "and how old are you?" "Twenty-six," the man replied.

Sometimes we think that others have the answer for us. We look outside of ourselves and see people who seem to be doing so well. But their answer or solution to life may not really be applicable for us. We need to keep in mind that we do have our own inner guidance and understanding that does bring solutions to our life problems when we remember to turn within and listen to our innermost self.