Gratitude and Heart 

The Hillside Source is a non-profit organization that is dependent on the generosity of people like you. It is only with your help that we can continue to be a spiritual resource. 

There are many reasons people give financially.  Giving may come from gratitude, concern for the need of others, or from some perceived benefit to oneself, or a mix of these and other motivations.   There are many spiritual perspectives on giving and receiving that will be presented on The Hillside Source website.  Here we offer the idea that at the heart of life is a principle of exchange and circulation—call it “a spiritual economy.”  Money and finances are man-made concepts to manage material resources and serve to regulate and maintain the exchange and circulation of society’s goods and services.  Exchange and circulation are living processes. Life can be defined as interdependent forms in a state of exchange and dynamic flow. Literally, the air we breathe is an exchange process.  Our food supplies and digestive processes require exchange; we exchange energy, emotions, and ideas.  When we see the holism of this world as a vast spiritual economy, our perspective on giving and receiving shifts.  We invite you to give from the heart of life in any of the ways below. Thank you. 

(All unspecified donations go toward funding The Hillside Source, which proportions funds to the Larry Morris Memorial Scholarship.  You may however give special instruction for your donation when you click the donation button.)

The larry Morris memorial scholarship

We have just announced the winners of the 2019 edition of this educational and travel scholarship in Dr. Larry Morris's honor. You can read about this year’s winners here.

Specific funding earmarked for this scholarship allows it to be available annually. To specify part or all of your donation for the scholarship, click the text that says, “Add special instructions to the seller” after you click the Donate button, and let us know by typing this in the box that appears.

To learn more about the Larry Morris Memorial Scholarship, please click here.

To apply to be a recipient of the 2020 edition of this scholarship (beginning in June 2019), please click here.


THE hillside source

The Hillside Source aims to be a spiritual resource for everyone, not limited by geographical barriers. This new venture hopes to keep expanding its offerings in the future, but can only do so with your support. Your donation contributes to the cost of the site that includes our web platform fees and site maintenance, equipment, promotion, research and writing staff, and funding for the Larry Morris Memorial Scholarship.


Hillside Church, albuquerque, NM

Hillside Church still maintains a physical presence in Albuquerque, NM, under the leadership of Dr. Susan Nettleton.  We currently meet monthly in the recital hall of the New Mexico School of Music and maintain an office in a separate location.  While donations through The Hillside Source website are intended for the expenses of the website and to fund the Larry Morris Memorial Scholarship, you are welcome to designate a portion of your online donation to go directly to the church. If that is what you intend, when you click the Donate button, look for the text that says, “Add special instructions to the seller,” and type your intention in the box.

(You will receive a receipt from PayPal documenting your transaction.  If you require a formal donation letter, please include this in your special instructions along with an e-mail or mailing address.)

New Publication from the hillside source

An edited collection of Larry Morris' Christmas poetry

Available in paperback and Kindle e-book formats. All proceeds directly benefit the Larry Morris Memorial Scholarship and other projects by The Hillside Source.

Click here for more information.