May: Walk in Beauty

“May Manifestation”

by Dr. Larry Morris

May is for manifestation. Let's accept God manifesting in a new and joyous way through each of us this May. Let's begin to let go of ourselves, all that we have been up to now, and feel a new vibrant Joy in our lives. Let's release all of our pent-up energy, all our rainy-day lethargy; let's have a spiritual upheaval that lifts us out of the ordinary into Divine Wonder and awestruck excitement at the extraordinary fact of our aliveness. We're just beginning to be ourselves; we're only now discovering who we are—getting our bearings on the infinite potential each of us is here to express.

Each of us, every day, can be healed, uplifted and transformed by simply allowing ourselves to be in touch with the beauty that surrounds our lives. From the infinite wonder of the sky to the tiniest gesture of a small child, from a single growing flower to the vast mountains around us, we live in a world of beauty.



Sometimes we are rushing so fast to get somewhere, we miss the harmony, order and peace in the situation we are in. When I was attending the university, there were many times I would miss the last few minutes of the lecture because I was so busy watching the clock. When the class was finally dismissed, I would rush out the door. But I never really saved time by being anxious. We can be so concerned about getting to the next thing that we really miss what this moment has for each of us. Each instant of our life is different—no two moments are alike—we can lose too much by hurrying too fast, losing the beauty and joy this instant holds for us. Slow down, relax, let go and enjoy the harmony of this moment. This is the moment we are alive; right here and right now we can appreciate and feel the harmony, order and peace that this moment is bringing us. 


by Dr. Larry Morris

A woman looking out of her kitchen window at her neighbor's laundry hanging on a backyard clothesline complained to her friend, "Just look at how streaked with dirt those clothes are.” He friend replied, "It isn't their laundry that is streaked and dirty, it's your window." What kind of window are we looking out of at our world? Are we looking out of a dirty window and judging the world around us as dirty? Are we seeing through a barred window and called the world a prison? Or are we seeing from a bright, clear, clean, transparent window the beauty and freedom of this life. William Blake said, "If the doors of perception were cleaned, everything would appear to man as it is—infinite." See clearly the radiant wonder of this life now.