Each of us had an image of our self—who we think and feel that we really are. Though our basic self-image is usually formed at a very young age, as we grow, we add bits and pieces of information to our perception of ourselves. As we continue to unfold, so does our self-image. As we mature, we come to understand that we are each a multi-faceted individual. We come to recognize and appreciate our own uniqueness— each of us is really unlike anyone else. We become less shy and more open to revealing and sharing ourselves as our life progresses. We also become more willing to experience a deeper understanding and even transformation of ourselves. Our life provides each of us with a choice: do we wish to rest on the surface, never questioning or inquiring into the deeper meaning of self, or do we want to plunge into the depths and experience a self-revelation so profound, so immense that we are transformed at the very roots of our being? Let's choose to go all the way in this life— to know ourselves at depth.