A paradigm is a mental construct for perceiving reality. Whenever a new paradigm comes into existence, everything pertaining to that paradigm shifts and changes— sometimes very dramatically. In the 1960's, researchers employed by Swiss watch manufacturers invented the quartz watch. At that time, the Swiss had been manufacturing watches in their own way for over 100 years, and they had 90 % of the world market. Why bother investing in some new invention, they reasoned; people have been buying our watches, and they will continue to do so. The Swiss manufacturers were so sure of themselves that they didn't even protect their invention with a patent. Japanese manufacturers attended a watch show in 1968, saw the possibilities in the quartz watch and immediately began production of the new invention. Today the Japanese have 90% of the world market in watches. In our lives, we need to be bold, creative and daring enough to adopt a new paradigm, a new mental construct for our life.