I once turned down an opportunity for a free trip to Calgary, Canada because my first reaction was: Canada is too cold. I subsequently regretted this 'lost opportunity,' and when the offer was recently renewed, I quickly agreed to go, regardless of the cold. And the four days I spent in Calgary were indeed filled with beauty and wonder: the Canadian Rockies, Banff and Lake Louise are visions of blue and white loveliness. And strange to say, even though it was a much colder temperature by our standards, I hardly felt the cold at all. Sometimes we tend to say no to new possibilities because we have a mental image of how they will be for us; they may be uncomfortable or cost too much time or energy. But it just may be that something very exciting and unusual is trying to give itself to us, and all we need to do is be open and receptive to discover a good beyond our conception. Say yes to new life.