A very famous person's biography ended with the statement, Mr. So-and-So's only regret in life is that he is not somebody else. Sometimes we feel the same way— if only we were somebody else, and sometimes we add: anybody else. ChogyamTrungpa, the Tibetan Lama, said that our real job on earth was to overcome our tremendous embarrassment at being alive. It's like when we walk into a room full of strangers and we feel so self-conscious and awkward and embarrassed at just being who we are that we would rather be almost anybody else. At these times, when we feel unsettled or uncertain about ourselves or we just wish we were better, smarter, handsomer or prettier or more spiritual or more together, let's try to practice self-kindness and self-gentleness. Remember, it's not easy being us, but there's really no one else we can be— so relax, let go and just simply and without strain be you and let that be enough.