One of our big problems in life is defining boundaries between our self and our environment. Right now there is a baby bird in a nest in a tree right outside of our church building. The little bird seems to be almost interwoven with the nest; yet, as it gets larger each day, it's clear that very soon it will be too big for the nest and will have to fly off into its freedom. So too with us; there are times when we are being nurtured by a specific environment or circumstance. Perhaps it's a relationship, or a job, or a course of studies or perhaps it's a group of people. While nurturing is good in its time, as with our little bird, there may come a time when we outgrow this environment. We can't squeeze ourself into something that no longer fits, no matter how hard we may try. Sometimes we resist growth and change because we hate to leave the comfort and security of the old environment. But we are each spiritual pioneers— our task on this earth is to grow and discover, to take our leap into freedom and to explore the limitless wonder of this life.