How much are we worth?— Not measured in dollars and cents or in property or possessions or even in our educational degrees or vocational achievements, but how much do we value who we are and what we do in this life? Do we feel that we are important in the eyes of this universe? A friend once said to the 19th century American painter, James Whistler, "There are only two great painters: you and Velasquez." Whistler responded, "Why drag in Velasquez?" We don't have to be a great artist to feel that our life is meaningful and fulfilling. We can have a very simple job and yet feel that who we are and what we do has real and lasting value for this earth. We can give supreme importance to our life right now. We don't have to apologize for our jobs or ourselves. We can affirm ourselves and our intrinsic value to this universe. How could the universe possibly get along without us today? Let's keep in mind that each of us is here because we are of value to this life.