Albert Camus, the French existentialist, once wrote a story about an artist who left a huge blank canvas as the ultimate statement of his life work. Right in the middle of this blank canvas was one word scrawled so tiny that it could hardly be made out. The word was either 'solitary' or 'solidary.' This represents our situation in life. Sometimes we seem to need solitude, to be alone to do our work in this life. Yet no matter how deeply alone we are at times, whatever creative action we take always relates us to the whole of humanity. We exist in relationship; even though we also exist as solitary beings. Whatever we give expression to has meaning and value within the whole of life itself. When we raise our arm, we alter the pattern of atoms throughout the universe. Let's not deny our place and our inherent value in this life. We are not only part of the creative process of this earth, we are that creative process in expression.