Heart work is work that entrances us; it captures our hearts. It is the work that our hearts burn to do. It is the artist Giacometti crying out in the midst of a painting, "If I don't capture this image, I will surely die." It is the great writer or poet or musician who feels the wellsprings of life course through his veins in the instant of creation. There is a story of a Chinese pianist who was imprisoned for seven years. During this time, he was not allowed the use of a piano. Yet when the pianist was released, his level of performance was found to exceed anything he previously achieved. An amazed friend asked him, "How could your playing have improved when you were not permitted to practice in the prison?" "But I practiced everyday," replied the pianist. "I went through every note in every musical score I knew everyday in my imagination." We work from the heart when we work from the center of who we are, and joy is our reward.