Edna Ferber, the novelist, once said, "I know 10,000 would-be authors and only two people who actually write." Many of us have said to ourselves and to others, "I have a novel inside me." As Sartre says, a novel inside of us has no reality until we actually get it out and onto the paper. Too often we all tend to spend time in idle reverie or daydreaming instead of manifesting our true inner potential. To bring our inner dreams, aspirations and visions into concrete actuality in this world is one of the great joys of life. Whether our creation is recognized or not by the world, whether or not we achieve fame or fortune, there is a deep and abiding satisfaction in being a participant in the way something new comes into being. Like a mother giving birth, when a creative spark comes into being through us into this life, we feel ourselves totally connected to the creative energy of this universe. Don’t hold back your creation; let it manifest now.