Are we waiting? Sitting on the fence is the most uncomfortable place in the whole world. When we are stuck in indecision and we are waiting for a sign from the outer world to tell us what to do, we may feel so bogged down in inertia that even if the sign came, we wouldn't recognize it. Sometimes the only thing to do, when nothing seems to be happening, is to spring into action, take a risk (even if we fail) and make something happen. When we rest too long in the status quo, we, like Hamlet, may lose the motive for action. In business, there's an old saying: There are those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who say, "What happened?" If you feel trapped in waiting for the outer world to do something for you or to you to make things different, maybe you just need to take the first step. The universe is holding its breath, waiting for us to Act. Let's go for it.