The Duke of Cambridge once protested that he wasn't against change. He favored it, he said, when there was no alternative. Change is the law of life. A king once summoned a group of wise men to his court. He said, "I want you to write down something that will make me happy when I am sad and sad when I am happy." After some time of meditation, one of the wise men wrote, "This, too, shall pass." Change in and of itself need not be distressing. Change is only alarming as long as we fear it, resist it and struggle to overcome it. But when we relax, let go and begin to welcome change into our life, we find that change itself becomes an ally and brings with it transformation and new life. Newspaper headlines at the turn of the century predicted the economic and social collapse of New York City within ten years due to a lack of horses. But with the automotive breakthrough came a whole new way of life for humanity. Let's let change have its way with us since there is no alternative. Change is inevitable; growth is optional, but we can choose growth as long as we are willing to change.