Someone once said, "Nothing is so over as Christmas." After all of our running around, doing all the things we do for the holidays, when they are over, we sometimes fell a kind of let-down— as if all the energy we had to galvanize to get through the holidays suddenly has no outlet. We may feel a sense of lack; the sense of purpose the holidays gives us has completed itself— what to do now? Thankfully, a new year is on the horizon. This is a good time to review the previous year and to begin to chart our course for the upcoming year. It's a good time to decide on our direction in life, to make plans and set goals, to reclarify our purpose— what are we here to accomplish? Are we fulfilling some great purpose; are we on track, moving ahead steadily with energy and momentum? Let's decide right now, on the verge of this new year, to experience new meaning in our lives by rededicating ourselves to a fulfilling purpose.