The legendary Sufi, Nasrudin, was reminiscing with a friend in a tea room. "Why did you never marry?" the friend asked Nasrudin. "It's very sad," Nasrudin sighed, as he took a sip of tea. "You see, I spent my youth looking for the perfect woman. Yet each woman I encountered seemed to have a flaw. One was charming and intelligent, but she lacked beauty. Another was beautiful and well-mannered, but she lacked intelligence. Another was intelligent and beautiful, but she lacked social graces. And then, finally, one day, my search seemed to be over. I met a woman who was charming, beautiful and intelligent— finally, the perfect woman!" "And what happened?" Nasrudin's friend asked. "It's very sad," sighed Nasrudin. "It seemed that she was looking for the perfect man, and so we parted." If we are too intent on finding perfection in this life, we may well miss all the good that is here for us.