A businessman who was near death asked that his remains be cremated and the ashes sent to the IRS with the following note attached: "Now you have it all." Is there ever a time in our life when we feel we have it all? We go through school thinking, ah, when I graduate, then I'll start really living. We graduate and find ourselves needing to find a job. When we find a job, we have so many responsibilities that we begin to say, ah, when I retire, then, then I'll really start to live. Or we say, when I have the right relationship or when I make enough money or when I get spiritually enlightened, then, then, then I'll start to really live. When is enough, enough? Each of us can decide right now, today, that we have all we need to be happy and fulfilled. We really don't have to wait around for some ultimate realization or event to happen before we can begin to feel great joy and peace in just the sheer fact of being alive right now. Let's decide to claim our allness right now, and let's be thankful.