William Blake said, "Gratitude is heaven." When we are grateful, we receive the blessings of this life. We tend to think that first we have to get something, and then we can feel gratitude. It's perhaps an unusual idea to put gratitude first. But when we are really thankful, we appreciate everything, and out of that appreciation comes our fulfillment. Martin Buber tells the story of a man who was admitted to Paradise. But since he had felt no delight on earth, he feels none in heaven either. Finally, he grumbles, "And they make all that to-do about paradise!" And hardly have the words left his lips when he is thrown out. Gratitude is the way to find the delight of this life. Picasso said, "Everything is a miracle." When we give thanks from our hearts, indeed everything is a miracle; everything and everyone blesses us, and we see and feel the beauty of this life. When we see through the eyes of thankfulness, the world is filled with blessings.