A couple once saved their money to take a trip to the beautiful Grand Tetons in Jackson Lake, Wyoming. This couple was looking forward to having a great time exploring the wonders of nature through hiking, boating and fishing. However, when they arrived at the Tetons, they found a heavy downpour of rain. Somewhat disappointed, they spent the first day of their vacation sitting in the lodge. When the rain continued for a second day, the couple's disappointment turned to resentment. The third day of rain brought anger, the fourth brought rage, and the fifth and last day of their stay, with still continuous rain, left the couple in a state of fury. What made matters worse was the peaceful and joyous calm of an elderly man who was also staying at the lodge. Each day this man would sit quietly reading or playing solitaire, epitomizing peace and contentment. Finally, on this last day, the husband yelled at the man, "How can you just sit there being so peaceful when it has rained all week?" The elderly man replied, "When it rains, I let it."