Walt Whitman, the great American poet, used to sign his name in his letters to his niece with huge letters; the signature was about a half a page long. Was he merely being egotistical in using such a gigantic signature, or was there something else at work in Whitman? Perhaps the huge signature was Whitman staking his claim as a citizen of the universe. In his book of poems, Leaves of Grass, he calls himself "Walt Whitman, a Kosmos." Maybe Whitman is just expressing his inherent oneness with all life. How do we sign our name? Is it very small and apologetic? Perhaps we, like Whitman, need to boldly and fearlessly claim our Divine Entitlement; we too are one with the oneness of all; we too belong here as daughters and sons of this universe. Let's affirm our right position in this world; we are the heirs of a universal Good that is manifesting for each of us, through each of us, now.