Martin Buber tells a Hasidic story about a very shy and timid rabbi named Mendel. One day a group of people from a neighboring town came to Rabbi Mendel and said, "We have been told by the great Maggid, the great Hasidic leader, that you are to be our teacher— here is your belt and staff of authority." When Rabbi Mendel heard this, he stepped forward; he put on the belt and took hold of the staff of authority, and suddenly his whole being lit up with spiritual mastery. This humble and shy rabbi had been quietly awaiting the moment when he came into his own authority. For each of us, there is a moment when we too come out from behind our hiding place in life and don the mantle of our own self-worth and self-competence. There is a moment when all the waiting is over, and the gift of ourselves that we are here to share with our world is given in all its fullness, and it is well received.