A man was once working behind a complaint department counter when an irate woman walked up. "First of all," she said, "I don't like your sign." Sometimes we have a tendency to complain about the way things are in our life. We hear ourselves saying often or even repeatedly, "Life is the pits." "It's not working." "Everything is falling apart." Day in, day out we may be reciting our litany of complaint: this, that or the other is wrong, wrong, wrong. We may need to release our need to complain in order to begin to see something new happening in our lives. Sometimes the simplest solution to our problems is to just quit seeing them as problems. We have many blessings in this life— the greatest blessing is the sheer fact of life itself. As Cervantes wrote, "Until death, it is all life"— and we might add that it's all good that we are alive. Let's decide that complaining has taken us as far as it can; it's time to make our peace and affirm the good of this life.