A connoisseur of antiques happened to be walking by a grocery store when he noticed a cat lapping milk from a saucer by the front door. With a shock, he realized that the saucer was an expensive antique. He walked into the store, deciding to bargain for the saucer. In order to allay the suspicions of the store owner, the antique collector said, "That's a very cute cat I saw outside. How much do you want for him?" "$20.00," the owner promptly responded. "$20.00 is a lot for a cat, but, OK, I'll take him," the collector said handing over the money. And, as an afterthought, he added, "By the way, the cat seems so attached to that old saucer— how much for that?" "Nothing doing," said the grocery store owner. "That's my lucky saucer. Why I've sold 35 cats this month from that saucer." It's always the simple, straight way that leads us forward. Go for what you want with integrity, not what you hope to get through expediency.