What does it mean to have a visionary heart? It means to see things that haven't yet come into being. We can ask ourselves: which way are we looking— backwards or forwards? When we are looking backwards, we reflect on "the good old days," how good things were back then. When faced with a new situation, we ask: how did we handle it before? Yet, as we all know, doing things in the old way does not insure success in the present and may bring failure in the future. Someone once said that the last words of a dying business are: "We've always done it this way." When we are looking forward, we are open to see new solutions, new possibilities, new ways of approaching our situation. We release the old solutions as having served in their time, but we want fresh ideas, innovative insights that will come from the unborn, unconditioned places within ourselves and will revolutionize our way of being in business, our way of relating to the world and to ourselves.