A businessman once said to a sage, "I take one thing and make it into two." The sage replied, "I take two things and make of them one." It's easy to divide life up into a multiplicity. Sometimes it's more difficult to recognize the inherent oneness of all things. One means: no sense of separation. Once my cat was chasing a dragonfly; the dragonfly happened to land on my arm, and it so blended in with the hair on my arm that the cat couldn't see it, and, after a while, the cat wandered away, seemingly puzzled and disappointed. Whenever we have felt a sense of oneness and rapport in this life, the fear and anxiety that was chasing us wanders away. Oneness dissolves pain and hurt and frustration. When we are a part of a larger whole, there is always a feeling of expansiveness; we are connected to the allness of this life—therefore exciting possibilities are available to us. Since we share ourselves with the whole of this life, the whole of this life can also share itself with us.