J. Krishnamurti once asked a spiritual aspirant, "Where are you anchored, sir?" The seeker had no ready reply to the question. This is a question we might ask ourselves: where are we anchored right now? If our focus is on external things in the outer world, we may find that we become easily unsettled by the comings and goings, ups and downs, of everyday life. Job, family, finances, relationships all tend to fluctuate; people and situations shift and change— he who is for us today may not be tomorrow. This is why we, as human beings, have always sought a calm center within ourselves in the midst of all the changes of life. This center we discover within the depths of our own being we can call a peace anchor, a place of inner stability and focus we can always turn to, regardless of outer conditions or circumstances. This center of peace, harmony and order gives us the clarity and courage to move easily through our life circumstances with calm gentleness and quiet integrity.