A young man once went to a Zen Master and said, "If I study really hard, how long will it take for me to get enlightened?" The Zen Master replied, "Ten years." "What if I study even harder, night and day?" "If you study that hard, it will take 20 years." "What if I go without sleep and food, do everything you tell me and work even harder?" "If you work that hard," the Zen Master replied, "it will take 30 years." The young man protested, "How come every time I tell you how much harder I will work, you tell me it will take that much longer?" The Zen Master replied, "If you have one eye on the goal, you only have one eye open to receive the gift." Indeed, each day is constantly trying to give us its gift— if we are too obsessed with our goals and our plans, we may miss the gift life is giving each of us at this very moment. We don't have to miss the gift of fulfillment because we are so anxious about the outcome. We can realize and accept our Good this moment and just let it be.