Sometimes we open an envelope and we receive a happy surprise— a friend we haven't heard from has written, or we receive an unexpected financial windfall or we receive some other good news. If we hadn't opened the envelope, if we had just tossed it away, we would never know the good that we had missed. Too often in our life, peace is like an envelope we never open. Peace isn't something far away or difficult to obtain. Right this moment, we can drop whatever may be bothering us. We can open our hearts to peace; simply let ourselves be at peace— no struggle, no strain, no trying— just let ourselves be at peace now. No need to force or make anything happen— just be at peace for this little while. It's surprising how simply deciding to be at peace helps us see clearly what to do next and how to do it. Each day we can decide to open our peace envelope and let things work out well for us.