Once when I was in Chama, New Mexico, I watched a small squirrel trying to come to grips with a huge peanut. The peanut was almost as big as the squirrel itself. No matter how hard it tried, it couldn't get a grip on the peanut to lift it or drag it to its hole. Finally I thought the squirrel had given up in despair—for it laid down and rolled over on its back. But then this clever squirrel began to nestle its paws around the huge peanut. It leveraged the peanut onto its stomach and slid along the ground until it got the peanut into the hole. So with us in life. Sometimes we just can't seem to get a grip on our problem— we can't seem to grasp how to deal with some dilemma that we are struggling with. Then, one day, we suddenly quit trying to grasp the situation in our usual way. Like the squirrel, we relax our grip and let go to an entirely different approach that gives us our solution. So when we can't force the situation, let's try sliding it along until it resolves itself.