There's an old Zen saying, "The nature of distress will disappear of itself." In any situation, we always have a choice about our response or reaction. We can fret and feel anxious and out of control, or we can relax, let go and let the situation or circumstance come into harmony and peace. Thoreau once said, "When a dog runs at you, whistle at him." Two women were once walking along a mountain trail, when a pack of wild dogs came running up to them. The two women stopped for a moment, then they took each other's hand, started singing a song and continued their walk. The dogs looked at them for a moment and then ran off in another direction. Someone once asked Papa Joe, a Taos Pueblo spiritual leader, "Papa Joe, if I meet a bear on my path, should I talk to the bear, should I send it thoughts of love?" Papa Joe responded, "Don't talk to bear. Talk to God." As when we walk into a dark room and turn on the light, so the darkness disappears, when we take our attention off a distressing situation, so does the distress disappear.