We have, at times, this incredible urge to pin everything down in our life. We want to know exactly how things are going for us. Are we winning? Who's in charge? Should we or shouldn't we? We ask these questions when we want everything finally straightened-out and put in its right place. We can, to some extent, do this with things in our life. We can put our house in order, clean out our closets, cabinets and garage. But it's a little more complicated with states of mind. Sometimes things are happening in a very fluid and unfixed way, and, if we try too hard to pin them down, we may close off possibilities of growth for ourselves. Sometimes when we don't quite know what is going on, the wisest course is to relax our need to control or figure everything out. Just let go. Let people and situations come and go without needing to sort them out. Let them come into agreement and right relationship with us without fuss or feud. Let it be.