As we celebrate this 4th of July with outer displays of fireworks symbolizing the freedom of our nation, let's also remember to recognize and give thanks for our inner freedom, our freedom to choose to transcend the limitations in our lives. This 4th of July, we can choose to realize an inner skyrocket to joyous freedom launching us beyond the bounds of a restricted sense of purpose. We are each in this life to pursue a profound and limitless inner spiritual fulfillment that will outpicture in the transformation of our society and our world. We are here on this earth to demonstrate our freedom to be all we can be, to reach beyond the humdrum routine of our days and discover a deep truth and beauty right in the midst of our being, call it God, or the oneness of all life, or what you will. As we watch with widened eyes and joyous hearts the outer display dazzling our city's sky this 4th of July, let's also, with equal amazement, wonder and appreciation, realize the hidden splendor within each of us, the skyrockets of freedom within our hearts.