Mark Twain once said, "I've had many wor-ries in life; most of them never happened." Indeed many of our worries are projections into a future that never occurs. In the early 1960's social analysts were predicting that due to automation, within a very few years, there would be a major societal upheaval because of the vast amounts of leisure time most people would be experiencing. As current statistics show, many of us have less leisure time then we experienced in the 1960's. Not only are many of our worries about things that never happen, they are about things over which we have little or no control. We come to realize that there are vast segments of life over which we have no say. And worry itself does not seem to change anything for the better. In fact, we find that the less we worry about things, the more likely things are to come into balance, harmony and order. Releasing worry frees up tremendous energy and vitality from within ourselves, and we are able to see solutions where previously we only saw dilemmas and contradictions. So we can choose not to worry and let a new way of life begin for us.