When our hearts are anxious, when we don't know how things are going to work out for us, we can always turn within and find the place of peace inside ourselves. We don't have to hunt for a needle in the haystack. The peace we seek is already here. We just give our attention to it, be aware of it, let it fill our minds, hearts and bodies. We can't find peace because we already are the peace we seek. So, let's take a moment to let go to this peace now. Let's allow the deep, abiding peace within each of us to spread throughout our whole being: let our bodies, our minds and our hearts be at peace: let our thoughts be at peace: let our concerns and cares be infused with peace. We can let the power of peace bring each of us clarity and joy. We can release ourselves to this peace; we can trust it to guide and direct our steps now and always. We are grateful for this new feeling of well-being, and we accept this peace for ourselves, for each other and our for world, this moment.