A man went to a dentist and refused novo-caine or any pain medicine because he wanted to transcend dental medication. As a nation we are so accustomed to taking various pills to alleviate the stresses of modern life that we hardly think about it. There are pills to calm us, soothe us, ease our pain and to put us to sleep at night. Yet there are natural ways to find peace and calm in the midst of this hectic life. Meditation is a simple act of allowing ourselves to quiet down each day, letting our bodies quiet down, letting our minds, with their racing thoughts, quiet down, letting our whole being become inwardly quiet and at ease and at peace. Meditation isn't something foreign; it has been practiced in all times and by all peoples. It's not something difficult to do. It's as easy as taking a few moments to just let go of all the worry and hurry of our life each day. Yet the results of these few moments of quiet calm have lasting benefit for all areas of our life.