In our hurry-scurry world, it's helpful to take a pause for peace and quiet. We can take a meditation break during our day, a time out from anxiety and pressure. We just take a moment to relax, release our mental grip on things, let go and let ourselves feel at peace with ourselves and at home in our world. There is no effort or struggle or strain. We simply and easily let go and let ourselves be at peace. Meditation isn't something awkward or difficult to do. We've all had quiet moments in nature or when looking at an art work or when listening to a beautiful piece of music. Our busy mind simply becomes quiet, our body and our emotions become peaceful— we feel a restful inner stillness that is somehow alert, open and receptive. Meditation is waking rest. We simply take our minds off of our tasks and concerns, and we find ourselves renewed and refreshed, with a new enthusiasm and joy for what we do. Take time out during your day for a moment of peace.