A famous conductor was holding a rehearsal. Though the first violinist was playing with flawless excellence, the conductor couldn't help noticing an obviously pained expression on the violinist's face. The conductor became so distracted by the silent anguish of the violinist that he stopped the orchestra in the middle of the piece. "Am I disturbing you?" he asked the violinist. "No," said the violinist. "Is it the other musicians?" "Oh, no," said the violinist. "Are you ill?" "No." "Has a tragedy occurred in your family?" "No." "Is the auditorium too stuffy or too hot or too cold?" "No." "Well," asked the exasperated conductor, "what is wrong?" The violinist wrung his hands together, and in a tone of deep despair he said, "You see, I hate music." Sometimes we have to go to the absolute core of a situation in order to discover the Truth— never stop your inquiry into Truth until the Truth reveals Itself to you.