T.S. Eliot, the great 20th century poet, once wrote that we "ought to be explorers... we must be still and still moving / into another intensity / for a further union, a deeper communion." Indeed our life is a journey of continual discovery, an ever-reaching toward further union and deeper communion. There comes a time in our life when we are no longer content to settle for satisfactions in a worid too small. We seek the larger life, a more spiritual and integrated way of being in this life. Some of us travel around the globe only to come to discover that the real transcendent fulfillment is always right where we are; we come to realize that Cosmic Awareness and spiritual realization exist deep within ourselves. We are that which we have been seeking; the place of peace and harmony is within. We don't have to struggle to find our way. We can let go and let our way be revealed to each of us from within ourselves. As we come to relax, let go and trust our lives, inner meaning and fulfillment are ours.