Andy Warhol once said that in the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes. If we were to realize our fifteen minutes of fame, what would we want it to be for? How would we like the world to see us? What gift are we here to express; what purpose are we here to achieve? Sometimes we are so caught up in our daily routine of family, friends and jobs that we lose track ofour underlying purpose, our reason for being in this world. Someone once said that most people die playing at little games. If we are here on this earth to do something significant, have we discovered what it is? And if we know what we are here for, are we busy achieving our purpose? Have we gotten waylaid by distraction, or are we on course? This life is a gift; we have so many hours, days, months and years to realize our heart's desire. Whatever it is, let's decide to move ahead into the fulfillment of our lifework.