Someone once said, "I have made a parachute out of everything broken." There was once a janitor named Murray Spangler who lived in Canton, Ohio. One day, Murray was sweeping dust from the carpet—as usual the dust from the sweeping was making him cough and wheeze. All of a sudden, Murray stopped sweeping. He had an idea: what if there were some kind of gadget that could suck the dust up from the floor into some kind of container? He found a friend to finance him, a man named H.W. Hoover.... So with us, in our life right now. Whatever is disturbing us, whatever is the problem, has within itself the seed of its own solution, a solution that may go beyond our own individual situation and also be of great benefit to our world. As Robert Schuller says, "We can turn our scars into stars" by not trying to escape but by seeking the solution to our problem from within the problem itself. Our problems are the stepping stones to our freedom.