Many times we really want to let go of a situation or a way we're feeling about ourselves, but we just can't seem to do it. Perhaps we can't let go because we are still clinging to our concern about the outcome. If we let go completely of something, what will happen? What will happen to me? Will I win? What if I lose? What if I don't get anything out of it? What if I let go, and then nothing else comes along for me? Letting go implies a kind of trust that life will take care of us, that we won't be abandoned or forsaken. It's the same kind of trust we have that when we go to sleep at night, and we let go to sleep, we'll be taken care of, and we will awaken in the morning. We trust that as we walk along this earth, we won't fall off. We trust that the air we breathe and food we eat will support and sustain and nourish us. So why not let go and trust that this life is our friend and is always there for us?