A paradigm is a new way of perceiving reality. Whenever something comes along in our lives which alters the way we see things or do things, we are experiencing a paradigm shift. For instance, many of us now have TiVos or other devices that allow us to record programs which we can then see whenever we want. Most people also have cell phones which allow us to transact our business while outside the house or office. It's interesting that these paradigm breakthroughs in technology all alter the way we experience time. We don't have to wait at home for a phone call or to watch a certain TV program— we have creative options available which give us choices as to how we will manage our time. As great and significant as these outer paradigm shifts are, there is an even greater paradigm shift that can occur within each of us. We can have an inner awakening that profoundly changes our perception of reality by opening our heart to the oneness of all life.