There's a Zen saying, "Those who come are not to be refused; those who leave are not to be pursued," meaning that we can relax and allow the comings and goings of the people and situations in our lives to happen without struggle, strain or anxiety. Sometimes we are exhausting ourselves trying to make something or someone stay who is ready to leave or trying to make something or someone leave who wants to stay. Our lives become very simple and filled with ease when we decide to follow the way of not resisting or letting things come and go. The seasons come and go in orderly sequence and pro-gression. This is the way of nature. We can't argue and say summer mustn't leave and fall mustn't come, and fall mustn't leave and winter mustn't come. What we can do is relax and appreciate the beauty of each season as it comes and release it in gladness as it goes, knowing that another beauty awaits us.