A woman went to a counselor and complained, "When we were first married, everything was different. When I would come home from work, the dog would bark at me, and my husband would bring me my slippers. Now everything has changed. When I come home from work now, my husband barks at me, and the dog brings me my slippers.” "Why are you complaining?" asked the counselor. "You're still getting the same service." Things do change in life. We hear people talking about the good old days— but were they really that good? Perhaps they were spelled d-a-z-e instead of d-a-y-s. Rather than wasting our time complaining about how things have changed, maybe we can deepen our perspective until we reach the underlying harmony and order at the center of our life. In Taoism they say, "The surface changes, the depth always remains the same." Let's stay so centered within the depth of our being that we cease to be disturbed by changes at the surface of life.