In Tibetan Buddhism, as well as our own Native American traditions and other traditions, there is the concept of the spiritual warrior. A spiritual warrior is someone who lives from spiritual principles and whose strength and courage manifest peace and compassion in each situation of life. We can be spiritual warriors when we don the armor of gentleness and kindness toward all of our fellow beings. The spiritual warrior expresses fearlessness because when we feel one with everything, there is only peace, harmony and order. As Bob Dylan put it, this warrior's "strength is not to fight." We realize that the apparent outer obstacles in our life derive from inner forces of self-doubt, fear and distrust which we need to overcome through our own soul-searching and inner meditation. As spiritual warriors, we don't do battle with the world as such. Ours is the way of inner clarity and realization, enlightenment and illumination which leads to freedom from outer constraints and opposition. When the spiritual warrior enters a room, the room is suddenly filled with light.