The way of the heart is the way of love. Love brings us by a way we know not to where we need to be in this life. Love guides our feet to find our path of bliss. Love guides our minds to illumination. Love guides our souls to God. With those we love, there, we find God's Presence, God's Goodness and God's Grace. A woman once came to the great Indian Yogi, Ramakrishna, and said, "I cannot love God." Ramakrishna remained silent for a moment. Then he asked, "Is there anyone in this life you do love?" "I love my little nephew," the woman replied. "There is God." Love lights our way through this life. Love releases us from the pain of our longing. As we open our hearts to Love, the Universe suddenly fills us with a joy we never felt before, and we see a beauty we never saw before. Everyone and everything take on a new radiance as we see them through the eyes of Love. And as we listen with Love's ears, we hear the music of stars. Love transforms our earth into won-der. Love heals our past and brings joy to our future. There is no path to Love; Love itself is the path.