Someone once said, "If you won't let me alone, I'll find someone who will." How deeply do we want to know and be known by another or others in this life? When we fall in love, our ego boundaries dissolve, and we feel an oceanic merging with another person. Yet, after awhile, our boundaries reappear, and we find ourselves again individuated— not merging but, as D.H. Lawrence said, "two individuals orbiting around each other." Intimacy does not mean that we lose ourselves in the other. True intimacy means that we remain true to ourselves, and therefore we can allow ourselves to deepen our connection with those in our life. There is a kind of openness which comes from discovering our own unique way of being in this life. And that openness carries over into all of our relationships. Intimacy becomes a condition of our being, and openness becomes the way in which our heart responds to this life.