What is it about our deepest and closest friendships that is of such profound and lasting value in our lives? A friend, a really close friend, is someone we can share our deepest thoughts and feelings with, without fear of ridicule or judgment. We can share anything with our friend without worry that we might somehow hurt his or her feelings. There is a perfect meeting of the mind and the heart with our friend. There is no winning or losing, no competi-tiveness, between us. We like being with our friends because we can relax and let go with them. Yet, as Emerson suggested, a true friend can and will point out our weaknesses and blind spots, our self-delusions, to us. A friend who can only agree with us would be a weak friend indeed. Our friend is always there to support and strengthen the very best that is in us, never our illusions or subterfuges. Our friend wants to see us strong and happy, and that's how we see our friend.